We are Leah Carey and Carolyn Heilman, friends and writing partners.

Our Story:

In 2012, we made a commitment to get writing and founded the Mandala Writers Circle. At the time, we chose the name mandala because it sounded like it might provide some good karma for our step into the big unknown. The MWC blog followed, and we journal-ed about how hard this writing thing is and the progress we were making. Early this year, we added our Worth A Read Monday book reviews and further expanded our readership.

Through our weekly meetings, we encourage each other to be fearless and move forward. Leah wrote a book of essays and Carolyn wrote a children’s book, both to be self-published this year. Current projects are a novel for Leah and Carolyn’s book sequel. There’s a lot of power in sharing the writing journey with someone else.

Your Story:

The Mandala Writers Circle is a space for you to discover your own story, and we’ll help in any way we can.

Writing matters. It’s a way to use your authentic voice that requires nothing more technical than pen and paper. All the necessary hardware is inside you already. To get better at it, read a lot, reflect on your own and others’ wisdom, and create as much as you can.  This blog is about practicing those things.

It turns out mandalas are more meaningful than we originally realized. These circular creations represent wholeness and balance. They are thought to reveal inner truths about us or the world around us. Whenever we create, we tap into that sacred space within, and mandalas give color and form to that journey.

Mandalas remind us to honor our words and our wisdom.

Happy writing – and let us know how it’s going!

Leah and Carolyn

June, 2014

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