Celebrate Good Times


(OK, admit it, you suddenly have that iconic 80’s anthem running through your head.)

Now that we have your attention, we’re announcing a few reasons we have to celebrate:

1) Yesterday, October 24th, was the one-year anniversary of the founding of the Mandala Writer’s Circle. Carolyn and I celebrated not by having an impromptu dance party under a sparkling disco ball but by having afternoon tea at the Boston Public Library. Tea is our thing. We love a good glass of wine (or champagne), for sure, but we start every MWC meeting by having tea of some kind, hot or iced, depending on the weather. In fact, at our very first meeting, my Yogi Tea tag said “by honoring your words your are honored in this world”. Hmmm.

It seemed fitting to celebrate our portentous beginnings in the stunning Courtyard Restaurant of the library, a place where books and writers have been sacred since 1848. In fact, the BPL was the first publicly supported library in America, architect Charles McKim’s “palace for the people”. Indeed. We had a grand time making plans and talking about upcoming events in our writing lives.


2) We have both finished the first drafts of our books! What a difference a year makes. We’ve just delivered them to a set of initial readers for input and insight. We’re each working on a book proposal to be sent to publishers in our respective genres. Somehow we’ve moved firmly into the business part of creative writing. It feels a little scary but mostly exciting. We’ll keep you updated on our progress through the publishing world.

3) You may notice some small changes to this blog over the next few weeks. This is to reflect the tack we took early on to be more than simply a blog where we practice writing. There’s nothing wrong with that approach, but since our goal is to build a writing community, our focus must be outward, on serving the writing world in whatever small way we can. We continue to celebrate every follower, every comment, every bit of encouragement. We would love to hear from you any way we could provide resources beyond the writing ah-ha’s and exercises we’ve written about to date.

Leah and Carolyn

Writing Exercise: Take a moment (or more) to celebrate what you’ve accomplished so far. Mark the milestone. Pat yourself on the back. Have an impromptu dance party. Writing is hard work – celebrate good times!

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7 comments on “Celebrate Good Times

  1. I am super excited about your first drafts being completed! How wonderful! I look forward to the updates and I wish you both the very best! I hope that this writing community can also support you through any hoops, around obstacles as well as helping to celebrate your accomplishments. Thank you so much for sharing! It’s very encouraging and inspirational.

  2. I love the fact that your tea bag said, “by honoring your words you are honored in this world” — a very fitting toast for your first anniversary. Congratulations on the anniversary and on completing the first drafts of your books!

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