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I’ve brought in reinforcements. To clarify, this particular reinforcement – my adult daughter – landed here, along with her college stuff and her future dreams, after graduation. She stumbled on Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and has been reading parts out loud to me. Kondo’s KonMari method of bringing order to your life is pretty compelling. If an item does not “spark joy in you”, you don’t need it.

I live in a fairly tidy house. There are only so many rooms, and they are not large. There are few corners big enough to pile things in, so they generally stay clear. I like order – it gives me a sense of calm, particularly when life is stormy. To my mind, I didn’t have a lot I could apply the KonMari method to. Maybe my closet (also small and purged regularly)? The laundry room?

So fascinating to see how our awakened minds work. Throughout the week, at random times, visions of drawers and baskets filled to bursting popped into my consciousness. I could count at least 7 spots where I had squirreled-away items that I felt I had to keep but had no relationship to each other. Six of those spots were in my office. So, I have a little bad habit of socking away the items I don’t want to deal with. Hmmm.

Ms. Reinforcement said – in the gentlest way – that it was time to face the organizational music. She promised that, according to the book, “when you put your house in order, you put your affairs and your past in order too. As a result, you can see quite clearly what you need to do in life.” I got a little scared. We started with me visualizing my future office while she took notes:

My office should be inspirational for me creatively. It should have beautiful objects and books all around. Obligations and paperwork should not be mixed together with beauty and inspiration. My writing desk should be my sanctuary, a place I can be by myself to create.


Yesterday, we began by emptying lots of drawers (at least 8) onto the dining room table and sorting everything, keeping only those things that are useful and beautiful, the joy sparkers. I found some lovely items that make my heart sing amidst all the useless dreck. I already had two desks in an L, and each is now designated for different work. My writing desk is just that, and all my lovelies are nearby. My working desk is all business, guaranteed to make me get the “needs attention” items dispatched so I can get back to my happy, creative place.

Today we tackle the old business files. They are weighing on me, I can now feel them. Though they are tucked away, out of site, they are not actually out of mind. If it’s true what Kondo says about freeing myself up to see my life’s potential, I still have some work to do. And it’s not just cleaning out that linen closet.



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