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Mary Oliver

I appreciate any help I can get organizing my life. Some areas are running smoothly on well established, streamlined routines. Others falter, with the dreaded casualty of wasted time. But I’m wasting less time these days, thanks to everything Apple. If only there was an app to help me organize my cluttered, overloaded mind…

I think I found one, thanks to Leah. After reviewing Scrivener (read it here), she gave me her half-off coupon for Storyist. I eagerly downloaded the program, hoping it would provide me with an organizational tool for simplifying my writing process.

I have not been disappointed. Available for Mac OS X, Storyist is intuitive to use and clever at every click. The project options include templates for novel manuscripts, film scripts, and stage plays. Their website has a great tutorial, or you can just get started by following some simple prompts after downloading the program. You can try it out to see if you like it before purchasing ($59).

Storyist’s greatest strength, beyond ease of use, is its flexibility. I was able to customize the features for my story, which was really fun. Story sheets can be created where you can make notes, or add images, like sketches or photos. As a visual person, I enjoyed the corkboard workspace for organizing story elements. Simple icons for these (a light bulb for Plot Points, comedy/tragedy masks for Characters, a stage light for Settings) line up in the menu next to easy options for adding bookmarks and comments. It’s simple to add internal links to navigate within the different components of your project. Along the way, Storyist automatically puts your work into standard industry format for submission.

The Inspector Tool provides a neat option for setting writing goals; one for your overall word count, and one for each writing session. You can set a word count goal for a certain number of days for your project. For each session you can set your word count goal and choose an alert to sound when you have reached it. Just a bit of added fun. Storyist is also available for iPhone or iPad, so you can make notes, add pics or alter scenes, and sync your projects on the go using Dropbox.

It’s taking me awhile to figure out how to use all of Storyist’s features, but I know the time is well spent. My mind feels more orderly already.

Carolyn and Leah

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    • Thanks, Steve. That story of yours is begging for you to play with it – Just think of the fun you will have! Backwards is a fine place to start…

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