Tie It Up

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Much of advanced physics makes my head hurt, but I’m fascinated by quantum mechanics and general relativity discussions (although I can’t participate in them). The method that might connect the two theories – universal string theory – really grabs my attention. In it, eleven dimensions and parallel universes connect by sub-atomic strings. Their vibrational frequencies determine an object’s mass.

The math involved in string theory doesn’t add up in only three or four dimensions, so for it to work there have to be eleven dimensions (ten space, one time). They’re there, we just can’t see them. They might be curled up inside the dimensions we can see.

What form might these dimensions take? That’s where I start to picture Whoville from Dr. Suess. As a person with an active imagination, I’m satisfied with that and don’t wonder if invisible things exist. 

String theory creates some parallels in the world that the physicists probably aren’t considering. Vibrational frequencies and energy levels are clear to many people who don’t have PhD’s from MIT. The study of the activity of sub-atomic particles isn’t necessary to understand psychic energy. Threads are everywhere, creating connections and linking people together. Life’s fabric is woven into dimensions that layer upon one another in hidden frameworks.

We do it all the time when we write stories. A classic structure of narrative thread is the hero’s journey. The tale includes a call to adventure, help from some supernatural force, trials and temptations, and a return home. It follows a pattern including consistent, connected elements. They are strung together almost invisibly, channeling the energy that is neither created nor destroyed, but propelled forward through time.

A narrative thread connects characters to the plot. Other threads create conflict, which requires more threads for resolution. The threads’ vibrational frequencies determine the form, just as the sub-atomic filaments within atoms produce the different particles that make up matter. As writers, we don’t need to solve the mathematical equations that will prove the existence of unseen dimensions of the universe. Our task is to weave together the threads that help each other understand the essence of it.

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