Fire It Up

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I find that there can be a thin line for me between doing my daily work, whatever that may be, and depression. (Important to note here that I am referring to unhappiness, rather than clinical depression, which is a serious and debilitating mental illness). The blahs, the blues, down in the dumps, a funk, whatever you want to call it – that lack of energy and enthusiasm that can make our work drudgery.

To keep away from that line, I know that I need to have passion about what I’m doing- passion for the projects I’m working on, passion for my relationships and the people I’m in them with, and passion for life. Without it, the days blend together, lacking meaning and impact.

Acting from fear drains away the passion. Acting from love fires it up. I wish I had known this in my early days as a parent. Not only would I have been a more relaxed mom, but my daughters would have fewer bones to pick with me. I’m grateful that I’m beginning to figure it out now. Although my days of active mothering are over, there are still plenty of opportunities to provide some support and guidance for our kids from a loving place, instead of a fearful one. It makes a huge difference.

Self-doubt and negativity come from fear. Creativity and enthusiasm come from love. If that seems like a nonsensical leap to make, think of it this way: worrying about what happened yesterday, or what might happen tomorrow produces uncertainty and a sense of hopelessness. It’s hard to be fully present in that state. On the other hand, when I’m outwardly focused, away from fear, acting from a place of love, I’m filled with hope and affirmative emotions. Ideas flow, action comes easily.

Creating anything takes courage – art, a relationship, a career, a home. Cultivating these things from a place of love instead of fear is a tall order. There is so much to fear! Wait, I meant to say that there is so much to love – I lost my footing there. But it’s easily regained when I remember that love is not something out there that we deserve or need or might find if we’re lucky. We are love. Acting from that understanding isn’t so hard after all. From there, passion can’t help but put in an appearance.

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