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Philip Pullman quote

Philip Pullman quote

I often worry that I might be spending too much time reading, and not enough time writing. Perhaps I should put aside the biography I’m halfway through, or at least not start a new book until I have finished writing my children’s book. Then I come to my senses.

Reading is not just a pastime for me. Some books offer an escape from my monkey mind, or transport me to another time and place, which is probably why many people read. I read for a different reason: to make sense of it all – what it means to be human, relating to others, trying to find some meaning along the way.

Looking back on the reading I did as a child, I see the foundation for much of what I might call my character. I learned to appreciate our differences from Stuart Little. I noticed the green growing things around me after reading The Secret Garden.  I felt a connection to animals and bugs after reading Charlotte’s Web.  I started to enjoy my chores while reading Little House on the Prairie.  And I yearned to serve others in a useful way after finishing the Anne of Green Gables series.

The insights and clarity I have acquired from adult fiction and nonfiction can’t be so easily summarized. Some poetry has moved me to memorize its lines so I don’t forget its truth. In novels, I have sympathized with characters in their struggles, realizing and cementing values that shape the choices I make. Mostly I have learned that we are all imperfect, with flaws and scars, seeking connection.

Because I write for the very same reason, to make sense of it all, any reading I do nourishes my writing. When I have seen myself on the page in a book, I can more easily put myself on the page I am writing. I don’t believe that my heavy reading habit is stealing time away from writing. The two are as connected as heart and mind, so I’m going to keep on reading.

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  1. Amen!! Such a timely post as I have committed a ‘reading day’ to myself. After 45 straight days focused largely on my paid work (including weekends) I am taking a day to do nothing but read (with the occasional break to intercept my black lab baby’s attempts to chew his bed (or folded laundry, or my reading glasses, or…)

    • Good for you – Reserving a day for reading is a great idea… I hope you don’t have to wait another 45 days again!
      Happy reading

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