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Whether we planned to or not (and we didn’t), we ended up taking a hiatus from this blog. The Mandala Writers Circle itself is still going strong, though, and we have some exciting news to share.


First, Carolyn published her book! The Protectlings at Woods Edge is a beautiful, heartwarming story; Carolyn has created memorable characters and a world that’s both enchanting and real. Now available on Amazon.com in paperback (great for holiday gift giving) with Kindle edition coming very soon! Recommended for ages 10 and up.

From the back cover:

Samantha Penning is much like any eleven year-old, with one exception: she has a secret job. It sometimes requires her to sneak out at night and venture into the dark woods behind her house. That’s her favorite part of being a Protectling. The Woodlanders rely on her to keep them safe, in every season. Sam is certain in her devotion to them and can’t imagine summer without their Lantern Lighting or fall without the Butternut Harvest. But things are changing, and her life away from the woods is expanding and filling up with other responsibilities. As spring awakens the woods after a long winter, the time has come for Sam to face the one thing she cannot change.



Leah’s As Simple As Breathing is now out on Kindle, with illustrations in tact. Woot! The past six months have been an accelerated course in book marketing, with lots more to learn. A highlight was last month’s book reading at the Schenectady Public Library, sponsored by the American Association of University Women. Warm, smart women, and lots of insightful questions – what’s not to love? If a group you’re part of (women’s group, yoga studio, writers group, book group) would like to hear more about the book and talk about its major topics, Leah’s available. Contact her at lcarey@mandalawriterscircle.com.




OK, we’re not really doing NaNoWriMo, officially, but we did make a pact that November would be our novel writing month. Carolyn is working on the sequel to The Protectlings and Leah is finally getting down to the rewrite of the novel she drafted 2 (!) years ago. Never a day without a line…or 1700 words. So far, so good.


soulofoctopusWe haven’t posted a Worth A Read in a couple of months, but we’ve definitely been reading lots of good stuff. Here are some of our recent favorites:

The Soul of An Octopus, by Sy Montgomery

The Once and Future King, by T. H. White

Life After Life, by Kate Atkinson

A God In Ruins, by Kate Atkinson

White Teeth, by Zadie Smith

The Obituary Writer, by Ann Hood


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4 comments on “Ring the Bells

  1. Carolyn–Congratulations on the publication of The Protectlings at Woods Edge! Hope you can feast on the delicious sense of accomplishment–if only for a few moments every now and then. We all have those voices that nibble away at achievements, but they must be asked to step aside for the celebration warranted by sharing our writer’s voices! So happy for you.
    I met several women from your area at a writer’s retreat in Taos recently. I’d like to share the news of your book and Leah’s with them. I’m guessing that’s OK!
    Joe and I will be Christmasing with our Wayland family and hope to see you then.
    very best,

      • Hi Carolyn,
        It was so good to talk with you at waffles and sausage! My granddaughter Natalie says this about The Protectlings…”I really liked this book, but I wish there was more description of all the characters. I want to read the next one.” So do I!
        It looks as though Barbara O’Neil is scheduling another Taos retreat for November 2016. Here’s a link to her website: http://www.writinglifebarbaraoneil.com
        The anthology that our writer’s group published just to crash through that first hurdle of sending our work into the universe is available through Amazon and Kindle. The title is Storage World, An Anthology of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror edited by Beth Bernier Pratt. Sci-fi is not a genre I read but all the stories had to be related to the universe created in the origin story. My two stories were the first I had ever written, so you can imagine how timidly I send you this information! But, it’s out there on its own, a bit like our children, to be what it will be. In the spring we may publish an anthology of stories in which food plays a role. we’ll include recipes.
        Happy writing! Linda

        • Thank you, Linda! I really enjoyed hearing about your writing adventures, and look forward to checking out Storage World. I’m going to download it now! Please thank Natalie for her useful input about The Protectlings, and let her know that I’m keeping it in mind as I craft the next installment. Let me know when the next anthology is available as well.
          Happy writing!

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